About Me

I was born in Massachusets and I grew up there, went to school. After graduation, I took also took one year of art school. In high school, the counselors asked: “what you want to be when you graduate?” I already knew what I wanted to be, a flight attendant.

My sister was going to fly for Pan Am. After I finished high school, I knew I was too young to be able to fly. But I filled out the application and at first, I was not expected. I just could not take a “NO”! I called and they asked me to come back and I was hired.

I did get a scholarship. For the first year, it was pretty interesting until they started to have male models!!!  I quit.

After I graduated from training I moved back home. I help my mom with her bridal business. That was fun and my mom never advertised. It was done all through word of mouth.

I remember my dad directing traffic in the backyard. Being busy and the good part was that it was all done in our home.

My dad also had his funeral home there but not in the same room.