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The Journey will begin this Sunday!

This is going to be the biggest change in my life. This is not a self-help program, it is you and you alone to change. I have had a few self-help programs and they worked for a while but eventually, you

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It is finally here!!!!!

Well, today is the day! I will let you know how the orientation goes…  

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My Journey after day one!

I do tend to get confused, that my friends is nothing new for me! I was doing great yesterday, everything well explained had my handout book for week one. I did take a few notes for myself. It is time-consuming

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After The Webinar

Here I am walking around like a chicken with its head chopped off. Everyone has been so kind as to help one another and me. Trying to get organized is a task in itself. I have my binders and they are in

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I have seen some changes in myself. The first change came in week two I know so early and it was not to get angry when I felt the anger I just took a deep breath, closed my eyes and concentrated on our

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I really enjoyed week one, a little confused at times and still! I will get my act together at some point I just hope it is real soon. All kidding aside I am going to get individual folders for each week.

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