Week 18 “No Clue”

I have been reading week 18 and going over everything and I feel like someone took my brain and ran off with it. I just cannot write anything. Why is this happening to me? This is not writers’ block this has been going on for a week now and I keep thinking about the obituaries that I have been reading. What would I like if I was given another day on earth? Or if I could have one more day with my mom and dad?

Reading the obituaries has put me in a low and that is not me. I just cannot get out of this feeling. The week is over and I will be happy not to be reading anymore obituaries.

I will look forward to watching “How to eliminate objections and close the deal.

  • Pam Plager says:

    Pat, memories/thoughts charged with a feeling for a loved one no longer living are powerful. I can understand how this exercise can be difficult because I too lost my father and my mother is on borrowed time. For me, I focused on the picture of the obit of someone I did not know and asked myself “would they like the troubles I am dealing with today?”. My family has been tossed some heartbreak in the last two weeks and this exercise has truly helped me put things in perspective. Hope this is helpful.

  • Pat says:

    Thank you Pam, my mom lived with us in her own apartment so we were really close and when she decided to die it broke my heart and it still is after five years. I am doing much better and now I am going to teach how to wire wrap and wire weaving and it will be from her sweet apartment. Everybody tells me to rent and I keep telling them no. Just the thought of renting her apartment, never in a million years!
    thank you again

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