week 20 A Candle Was Lit

We all have been to the webinars, there was a lot that l was excited about, BUT this webinar really made me realize the fear that I had. My fear was in the back of my mind can I do this, can I teach the right way, what would I do if they all do not want to do this?

Scary, when I watched the first video with the plan that is what I was missing. It was all in front of me with all the weeks of reading and doing, Marco Polo, talking with the group and to mastermind.

It is all coming together. I have a plan!

  • Your blog looks great Pat!!! Funny, i always knew you had a plan!!!

  • Pam Plager says:

    Putting a plan in place clears the fears!

  • Norina says:

    Yes Pat that’s what I’m missing is a plan. Glad you got yours

  • Pat says:

    Thank you Norina

  • Pat says:

    So true Pam

  • Pat says:

    Thank you, Lucinda, I knew you would set me straight, it only took you 3-4 times explaining it to me lol

  • Pamela Loucks says:

    Pat…Sounds familiar thanks for sharing!

  • Pat says:

    That one really got me going. lol

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