visual change

Week 21 Visual Change

Looking at my change can sometimes be scary!  At week ten I finally found what I was searching for. I have been pretty busy getting my little shop going it has been a lot of fun and then you have your downfalls. There have been only two weeks where I was having a party — a pity party.

But it only took one-word CHANGE, to me that was my miracle for the day. Just remember this every day is a miracle!

  • Pam Plager says:

    Pat, you are a miracle! The journey will have its challenges but I am sure continued success will manifest itself in your shop!

  • Pat says:

    Thank you Pamela, you really give people confidence I know I have. You are so kind. Thank you

  • Pamela says:

    What we focus on becomes our focus…Pat it sounds like miracles are your focus! :0)

  • Norina says:

    Pat, you got this the courage to change and go for it is your miracle in your self. Your thoughts are manifesting your shop.

  • Pat says:

    Thank you, Norina, That means a lot to me!

  • Pat says:

    Thank you!

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